Veg Stroganoff

  1. Prep.
    • Slice onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. Chop garlic (SHORTCUT: Add garlic powder)
    • Keep unsalted Chicken/Beef Stock and Sour Cream handy.20160222_222712
  2. Place pasta on boil (or make rice) in a separate pan. Grab a fist and a half pasta for a single serving from the box.20160222_222533
  3. Put a pan on medium heat and 2 Tablespoons of Oil. Heat it up.20160222_222904
  4. Garlic in, saute for a min.20160222_223037
  5. Put Onions and Bell peppers. Saute for 3 minutes, increase heat. Add two pinches of salt.20160222_223116
  6. Put mushrooms in, high heat. Add some black pepper powder.20160222_223340
  7. Saute until mushrooms shrink down in 4 minutes.20160222_223444
  8. Add unsalted Chicken/Beef Stock. It should be according to the amount of liquid sauce you want. Taste seasoning, add salt if needed.20160222_223820
  9. Add dried parsley and reduce down the broth a little for 2 minutes.20160222_223848
  10. Meanwhile pasta is ready.20160222_223643
  11. Add 2 table spoons of Sour Cream20160222_224129
  12. Mix it in, will look creamy at this point.20160222_224159
  13. Add pasta, add chilli flakes to make it spicy if you need.20160222_224218
  14. Serve! Works well with Rice too!20160222_224409

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